Date: 17 Feb 2019 (Sun)


10:00am - 12:30pm


LT-15, 4/F,  Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, CityU


Beginner level course, suitable for those who have never written programs, or not familiar in the designated topics. Teachers will tell you how to create a program step by step. Generally, secondary school students can handle the tasks independently, students of primary 4 or above can also handle the tasks under parents’ supervision.

Basic concepts of Python programming language with micro:bit

Python is one of most popular computer languages recently, particularly suitable for artificial intelligence algorithm development. Many people have already known the benefits of Python and started to learn these days, haven’t you? In this lesson, we will try to perform some simple tasks in order to interact with micro:bit in real-time processing. It is a very good opportunity to enter the AI family as a starting point.

*Participants must bring their own laptop(Windows/Mac)

*This workshop is supported by CityU Apps Lab and Tin Ka Ping Secondary School.

Each session will last 2.5 hour.