​​​​How to Get to CB Lab B?

City University of Hong Kong can take MTR to Kowloon Tong MTR Station Exit C2. Follow the steps below can come to the CB Lab B

The bridge connection between Festival Walk Mall and CityU


1. Turn right to pass through the Chinese Garden.

Find the road to the Chinese Garden and walk for few minutes


2. Leaving the Chinese Garden, there is AC 3 building. The right picture is the front door.

3. Due to the AC3 Canteen will be closed on Sunday, please take one of the lifts to floor 6.

4. When you are on 6th Floor, move along the corrider to find the lift 11

5. Take the lift 11 to floor 7.

6. Leave the lift and turn left. Room 7-211 is the CB Lab B on your left.

7. Here is the CB Lab B